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A neuroscience postdoctoral position is open at the Berenyi Lab (MTA-SZTE ‘Momentum’ Oscillatory Neural Networks Research Group) at University of Szeged.


Date/Application start: Immediately (2017). Term of appointment: 4-5 years

Location: University of Szeged, Szeged, Hungary.

Job type: Full Time

Position: Employee (Postdoc Researcher)


Applications for highly motivated individuals are sought for two postdoc positions in the context of the collaborative project “Therapeutic Mechanisms and Long Term Effects of Directed Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation in Epileptic Seizures” funded by the European Research Council (ERC Starting Grant) and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (’Momentum’ Grant).


We are seeking a postdoctoral researcher to support our study to evaluate the effectiveness of transcranial electric stimulation in abrogating pathologic network activity neuropsychiatric disorders such as epileptic seizures, depression and anxiety.  Our inventory include world-leading high resolution recording and stimulation techniques and optogenetical methods to assess the underlying neural mechanisms involved in network oscillations.


A successful candidate will be responsible for leading, moving along and troubleshooting an independent project that will likely involve all or most of the following:

–          Neuronal data analysis using MATLAB

–          Electrophysiological experiments with rodents, including perturbation experiments using optical and electrical stimulation and drug infusion

–          Developing and building of electronic devices to support the new cutting edge approaches

–          Histological analysis


PhD in life sciences / neuroscience / electrical engineering / mathemathics, or related discipline, with expertise in experimental neuroscience and programming is required. Expertise in quantitative analysis of animal behavior, software programming or computational modeling of neuronal circuits are preferred but not required. Experience with time series data analysis, dimension reduction methods and time-frequency analysis is welcome.


Candidates with a demonstrated ability for independent and creative research are encouraged to send applications (cover letter, CV and contact information of references) to


Potential outcome: this is a great opportunity that provides competitive salary and a dynamic, engaging environment and cutting-edge level professional background for the successful candidates. Eligible applicants will be invited for an interview.


The institute is located at the waterfront of Szeged, Hungary, 90 min drive from Budapest. Szeged offers a sunny temperate climate, affordable cost of living, and vibrant culture of the city and campus, with good public transportation and convenient housing options both within and outside the city center. The Berenyi Lab offers administrative help and support with resettlement. The Berenyi Lab is an equal opportunity workplace.